Music: “Aeroplane” by Petite Meller – Review + Stream

Petite Meller has made her comeback with a fiery new single titled “Aeroplane.” As the song name suggests, Petite is talking about her experience of being around the world while making music. It’s this experience that she wants to share with the audience and what better way than music as the medium.

The French pop star wrote the song while she was actually on an airplane. She was traveling to a place where she’d record some new material for her album. On the way, she had this song and viola. She decided to record it first.

Music for Petite is like soul. It’s what brings her back up when she’s hit the low. It’s what turns up the volume in her life when everything seems silent and boring. Music is her power and creating this song on an airplane is like a routine to Petite. It’s her first new single since she gave us her debut album and we’re so excited about it. Give it a listen below.

Post Author: David Watt