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New Ariana Grande Music Video: “Side To Side” Featuring Nicki Minaj

Ariana Grande has dropped a music video for her new single from “Dangerous Woman” album. This new single is titled “Side to Side” and it features Nicki Minaj. YES, the Nicki Minaj!

Ari dropped this new music video at a perfect time. She dropped it on the Guess website right after the MTV VMAs. The video was soon available on VEVO as well. It seems like Ari knew that a lot of people will be looking for new music after the VMAs and anything that’s good will have every chance of being a hit. I can safely assume that this new Ari single is a sure-fire hit, especially considering the music video that Hannah Lux Davis directed for “Side To Side”.

The music video shows us the tough side of Ari who is seen in a gym, working on her fitness. She’s already pint-sized and still she cares for her body. Now that’s extremely motivational for a lot of her fans who don’t find time to go to a gym despite living less busy lives compared to our pop queen.

To motivate her fans even further, Ari will be leading a spinning class in this music video. She will also box and train with weights. She will put on different costumes and tease her girlfriends in the locker room.

I know what you are thinking. Where is Nicki in the video?

She is going to make the appearance for the bridge of the song. And when there is Nicki out there, you are sure to be served with the hot body, wrapped up in a hot bikini. She is in the sauna room with shirtless hunks around her. Time to watch the music video.

Watch “Side To Side” by Ariana Grande

Post Author: David Watt