Music Video Review: “Stone Cold” by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has spent last two weeks teasing her fans with snippets of her upcoming music video for the new single titled “Stone Cold”. This video finally came out yesterday when Demi premiered the official version through VEVO. The song “Stone Cold” is written by Laleh Pourkarim, Gustaf Thorn and Demi. The track is from her last album “Confident” and it’s her favorite track from the album. It’s definitely worth checking out the video.

Demi had to get out of her comfort-zone to shoot this music video because it’s shot in snowy mountain ranges with peaks nearly touching the sky above. In the music video, Demi is seen walking around singing her favorite song. She is then seen taking a hot bath. You’re going to love every scene from the video but the ones where you see tears on Demi’s ‘stone cold’ cheeks are probably the best moments from the music video. Demi talked about those scenes before releasing the music video. She said that she was so lost in the scene that the tears kept falling down her cheeks even when the director had announced to ‘cut’ the scene.

The music video has the emotion that Demi felt during it’s shot. The song is already Demi’s favorite and we’re sure the music video is going to be everyone’s favorite. Watch the music video below.

Watch “Stone Cold” by Demi Lovato

Post Author: David Watt