Music Video Review: “Say Love” by JoJo

JoJo is back with a music video. The music video is quite boring and chances are good that you will quit it somewhere in the middle. Nevertheless, the track “Say Love” is really cool and powerful. At least, you are going to appreciate the vocal range JoJo has got.

“Say Love” is one of the three new songs that JoJo premiered recently. She also announced a new studio album, which will be her third album. However, she released an LP titled “Tringle” before releasing the full studio album to give her audience a glimpse of what is planning to offer. “Say Love” is one of the songs from the LP “Tringle”.

The music video for “Say Love” shows JoJo crying for her love. She is looking classy as she sings while her love walks away. She keeps crying and singing but it looks as if her boyfriend is never to return. As JoJo realizes that her boyfriend is actually going to walk away, never to look back again, she walks down from the balcony on to the road and tries to hold him back through her intense singing. Meanwhile, audience get to know JoJo and her boyfriend more as they are treated with scenes from their early days as lovebirds. But will her boyfriend listen to her at all and return? It is only to be seen as JoJo will reveal this towards the end of the video. You will have to see the music video yourself to know that. Click PLAY below.


Watch “Say Love” by JoJo

Post Author: David Watt