Music Video Review: “Sax” By Fleur East

Fleur East may not be someone you know already unless you have watched last year’s The X Factor UK where she ended up as a runner-up. But it’s time to wake up to the reality – the reality of having a new super artist in the making. Fluer East is an ordinary looking 28-year old with curly blonde hair. She doesn’t strike you as someone extraordinary and yet she has something about her that tells you she’s got real talent. You just got to see newly released music video for her debut single “Sax”. It’s mind blowing and it has got everything that you’d want to see in a debut music video from a very promising singer.

“Sax” is a super-song, one that fills you up with a lot of energy instantly. It will be included in Miss East’s upcoming full-length debut album which is set to release later this year. The album will be released in the UK for now via Sony Music.

Colin Tilley, who has received recognition for his talent in video direction by MTV, directed the music video for “Sax”. The song is already a super-hit on UK radio and all it needed was a simple music video. Chances are good that this simple-looking retro music video will do great and bring more success to Fleur.

Watch “Sax” Music Video By Fleur East


Post Author: David Watt