Music Video Review: “Rest Your Love” by The Vamps

British pop/rock band The Vamps has taken more than a month to come out of the sadness of having a flop from their new album “Wake Up”. The lead single going by the same name was released a month earlier and it turned out to be a flop. The band didn’t release the second single and waited until the effects of first single failure were washed away. They could have just released the second single on the next day in order to wash away the effects of failure by releasing a single that would get them back to charts.

Now the band has picked “Rest Your Love” from the album “Wake Up”. This will probably be band’s last chance with their record label because the label invested a lot of money on promoting the first single in the US and the UK. If this single also fails, chances are good that record label will drop The Vamps. Maybe this is their last chance as the label wants to be sure 100% that the band isn’t doing good. If this latest single also fails to make an impression, the label will have no way but to consider dropping the band.

The single “Rest Your Love” is about love and the comfort that comes with it. The lead single, Bradley Simpson, sings about his girl, telling her that he will be there whenever she needs him. The single doesn’t look anything like a ‘hit’ but we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed to see the fate of this rather ‘weak’ single.

The music video for “Rest Your Love” was dropped via VEVO. The video shows theme parties that are being hosted by different band members. There is a hipster party, a party for circus freaks, a posh party and a rebel teens party. Towards the end of the music video, the band members pull down the walls between different party rooms and bring everyone in a center place, partying together. Despite being a decent music video, it looks out of sync with the theme of lyrics. Watch the music video below.

Watch “Rest Your Love” by The Vamps

Post Author: David Watt