Music Video Review: “Queen of Peace” by Florence and the Machine

Florence and the Machine have released a new music video. The English indie-rock band has chosen “Queen of Peace” from their latest album “How Big, how Blue, How Beautiful”. With this music video out, the new single will also be hitting the UK market on September 7.

The new music video for Florence and the Machine is directed by Vincent Haycook. The video is shot in exotic locations in Scotland. So far, Haycook has direct all the music videos that the English indie-rock band has released so far. Haycook has publically expressed his appreciation for the band and the locations they chose for shooting music videos. In his interview after shooting the video, he was quick to confess that Scotland is one of the most beautiful places he has ever been to or filmed. The final scenes of the music video are done in a single take since there wasn’t enough time for retakes. Haycook wanted to shoot the final scenes at the very last seconds of daylight on a freezing sea.

The music video for “Queen of Peace” ends with another track from the latest studio album. The track titled “Long & Lost” is only used to provide a meaningful end to the story. Both Florence and the Machine and Haycook felt that using the next album track is the best way to wrap up their 10 minute long film. Watch the music video below and let us know what you think about it.

Watch Music Video “Queen of Peace” by Florence and the Machine

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz