Music Video Review: “Pink Lemonade” by James Bay

James Bay has premiered a new music video that is reminiscent of his Electric Light era. This new music video is for the song “Pink Lemonade” and it’s very artistic and nostalgic.

TheĀ  new song “Pink Lemonade” is a walk away from James’ original acoustic sound. You will also hear some Spanish rock elements in this song.

The music video recreates a childhood memory. According to the band, the music video is an inspiration taken from the theme of this song. It reminds the singer of the time of his childhood. The memory recreated in this MV is from the times when he was only 4 years old.

The memory is also pretty interesting. James was only 4 years old when he had enough and wanted to live at his own, leaving his parents’ home. Although this never actually happened, but James still has the memory and wanted to recreate it in this music video.

James filled a pillow case with his belongings, all of them beingĀ his favorite toys. He then opened the back door and told everyone that he is leaving the home to live his own life at his own terms.

The music video also adds more to the original memory. For example, there is a spaceship scene that replaces the pillow in the original memory. Similarly, there are other symbolic add-ons that you’d enjoy while watching this new music video. It’s time you watch the music video below.

Watch Music Video “Pink Lemonade” by James Bay

Post Author: Harvey Dyer