Music Video Review: “On My Mind” by Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding has released a music video for her latest single “On My Mind”. The music video, produced by Max Martin, premiered on VEVO on September 21. The video is shot in Las Vegas and its directed by Emil Nava.

Ellie’s latest single “On My Mind” will be part of her upcoming album titled “delirium”. In fact, this will be official first single from this album. The album will be released by Interscope Records on November 6. The album will be released for global audience at the same time so you can get your hands on it no matter where you live.

The music video is all about Ellie who is a girlfriend of sicko in this video. She has to live with this person who keeps cheating her and breaks her heart. There is a lot of damage that this person has done to Ellie and it’s probably time she gets her revenge from this sick person. She has a plan to make that person pay. She has recruited her close friends to help her render the plan.

As you watch the music video, this plan is revealed. You will see Ellie riding on back of horses with her friends and raiding the office of this sicko person. As they get hold of him, these girls are wasting no time to strap him to his chair to steal all his money that he had hidden in a safety box. Ellie and her friend who helped rob this sick man have all the money in the world to have a blast in the Sin City. Watch the video below to live through this fantastic visual story.

Watch “On My Mind” by Ellie Goulding

Post Author: David Watt