Music Video Review: “New Americana” by Halsey

Halsey has definitely made a lot of people in powerful positions believe that she has the talent to become the next ‘big thing’ in the music industry. As a result, she had a huge budget for her new music video and she made the best use of it by shooting a music video for her new anthem “New Americana”. This song is the second single from her upcoming album “Badlands”.

Although we are yet to find out how talented Halsey is when it comes to coming up with a full-length album, she has impressed everyone so far with her fantastic music. “New Americana” is a perfect single for shooting an expensive video. The music video is so good that it makes you believe that Halsey is one talented young girl out there.

The music video shows Hasley being burned towards the end after she is sentenced for being rebellious. This scene will stand out when you watch the video below. The girl doesn’t end up burning though as her friends come to the rescue and help her escape into the woods where they run away from the death and towards their freedom. It’s a wonderful video sand Halsey deserve every bit of praise for spending the money wisely and making a high-budget video that looks great.

Watch New Music Video “New Americana” by Halsey

Post Author: David Watt