Music Video Review: “Let Me Love You” By DJ Snake Feat Justin Bieber

The music video is out for DJ Snake and Justin Bieber’s EDM track “Let Me Love You” via VEVO on November 29th, 2016.  The song is a part of DJ Snake’s album “Encore” that was released back this summer.

The music video directed by James Lee show a young couple on a criminal spree; robbing anything they want on their way and ripping off a criminal gang. During the whole crime “venture”, the loving couple will be seen madly kissing each other. They were having a great time until a bunch of police officers starts following them.

You will see the boy jumping off a building and literally getting himself killed during the runaway from cops, and the next moment you see him running after falling on the ground with two bags full of money. Here, you will find it a little fishy! he can’t even walk after falling from such height.

And, the real story unveils itself just before the end that it’s actually a guy and an old man playing a 3D game. The video has the GTA realness with a little romance between two crazy ventures. The track “Let Me Love You” gets a real good video treatment.

Watch: Music Video for “Let Me Love You” By DJ Snake feat Justin Bieber

Post Author: David Watt