Music Video Review: “Ice Princess” by Azaelia Banks

The ‘Ice Princess’ can turn anything into ice – just the way Medusa from ancient myths turned everything into stone. The music video for ‘Ice Princess’ by Azaelia Banks is finally here and it is a good one despite shaky CGI effects.

A few seconds into the video and you feel the chill when Azaelia sings “I’m so cold I’m dripping icicles”. Her crown is full of snakes who are moving but still look stiff under their icy skin. The ‘Ice Princess’ is circled by a huge serpent that she rides later in the video. As the princess walks down her throne, icy slaves dance by her sides. She walks to her royal balcony and notices something in the air that isn’t frozen but is radiant as if heat. She goes after it and it turns out to be heat energy coming out of a volcano. She turns it into a glacier with her gaze. But she is unaware of the army of robots that is about to cause her demise as they dig the ice creating more heat. The Ice Princess (medusa) die in the end.

The clip is directed by ‘We Were Monkeys’ and has quite an artistic feel about it. It is refreshing to see her try so many things with her music videos. She previously released a music video where viewers could control her movements through their webcams.

Watch “Ice Princess” by Azaelia Banks – Official Music Video

Post Author: David Watt