Music Video Review: “Focus” by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande released her new single on iTunes on October 30 and premiered the official music video for the single a few minutes later on VEVO to the excitement of her fans. However, the music video was received with mixed views from fans, some complaining about all the pastel treatment while others loving Ari’s new look.

The “Focus” music video is all about Ari looking at the camera all the time trying to look pretty and seductive. It’s a combination that is hard to master but Ari has gotten closer. She definitely looks a page out of her own book. She has turned herself into a white-haired dancing lady who also loves playing a trumpet. You really gotta see the music video yourself to see it for yourself.

“Focus” is a sensual track with plenty of jazz instruments thrown into it. It’s about becoming a part of an actual relationship. When you listen to this track, you might think of similarities between ‘Focus” and her previous hit “Problem”. To be honest it seems very similar especially the booming jazz and the way Ari wants to sing this. But the chorus makes it a fresh track, far from “Problem”. Unfortunately, Ari has nothing to do with this part of the track as it’s Pitbull who pitches in and does the trick for the ‘problem’ diva.

Watch “Focus” Music Video by Ariana Grande

Post Author: David Watt