Music Video Review: “Chantaje” By Shakira Featuring Columbian Reggaeton Artist Maluma

Shakira released the music video for “Chantaje (Meaning: Blackmail)” featuring pretty boy Maluma on November 18th, 2016. It is not long when the audio track was released and they have launched a real hot and sensual music video.

The music video is directed by Jaume De La Iguana and shot in Barcelona shows Shakira walking into a grocery store with her pig-faced dog. Maluma, standing on the cash counter gets attracted to Shakira’s beautiful and charming face the moment he sees her. Knowing that Maluma is pretty much interested in hanging out with her, Shakira makes him follow her into a red-lighted alley that opens up to a bar. The Shakira’s swinging the key was epic (Like she meant now you’re spelled, boy).

Later in the video, you will see Shakira sharing the drinks with Maluma in the flirtiest way. They look adorable. Shakira is 39 years old and she looked real good with a 22-years-old Maluma. Beware, Gerard Piqué, your girlfriend (Shakira) has laid eyes on the “pretty boy.”

Later in the video, you will see Maluma making her dress-up in a restroom. How could I forget to mention Shakira’s typical solo choreography? (The hip moves). Before the video ends, you will see Shakira lying down on a sofa and water splashing out of two eagles head-shaped wall decoration. She’s getting soaking wet! It looked so hot.

With that key swinging scene, we can definitely say that it was Shakira who’s blackmailed or rather captivated Maluma.

Watch: “Chantaje” By Shakira Featuring “Pretty Boy” Maluma

Post Author: David Watt