Music Video Review: “Angels And Demons” by Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton has released a surprise music video for a new single “Angels and Demons”. This single is already announced to be part of her upcoming electro album “Calling All Lovers”. Tamar is the youngest of the Braxton sisters and she is already proving herself to be the most talented one in the lot.

This new music video was released on VEVO on September 17. This music video was totally unexpected as Tamar had recently released album song “Catfish”. If she was going to release a music video, it would be for “Catfish” – that’s what everyone was thinking. Tamar Braxton surprised everyone by releasing music video for another song “Angels and Demons”. As it looks from how things have been shaping up for Tamar, we’re sure that she is going to shoot music videos for all the songs in the album. That could be the only possible justification why she released a music video for a buzz single instead of her next single from the album “Catfish”.

This confusion about which video should have been released shouldn’t undermine the awesomeness of music video for “Angels and Demons”. Tamar looks stunning in this music video for the mid-tempo buzz song. The video is shot in Dominican Republic where Tamar is shown playing with the kids, singing near waterfall and doing a lot of other stuff. She looks great and her outfits are fabulous.

Watch Music Video “Angels And Demons” by Tamar Braxton

Post Author: David Watt