toothbrush by dnce

Music Video: “Toothbrush” by DNCE

Joe Jonas led DNCE has premiered a music video for their new single “Toothbrush”. The single has every chance to become the band’s next big hit after “Cake by the Ocean”. Although this single isn’t as catchy as their previous hit, it still has the ingredients to register itself as a pop hit. The song is filled with romantic synths and it talks about romance from a different perspective.

The song “Toothbrush” is feel-good song that sounds like a definitive summer hit.

The music video for this new single “Toothbrush” is directed by Luke Monaghan. In the music video, the band is seen performing the song outdoors in the sun while Joe Jonas is busy romancing with his girlfriend. The girl is famous model Ashley Graham. Joe and Ashley play around, touch each other and dance with their bodies touching. They are later seen taking a stroll at night and hugging each other while hiding behind a car. There are various other romantic moments that make the MV fitting to it’s song.

The model in the song Ashley Graham is a plus-size model. This is something new and unique for MVs. We haven’t seen any plus-size models in MVs before. It might look shocking to some but it will definitely help break the trend of casting stereotype slim models for MVs. DNCE definitely has the credit for taking this brave step. Watch the music video below.

Watch “Toothbrush” Music Video by DNCE

Post Author: David Watt