Music Video: “Magnets” by Disclosure & Lorde

Lorde is back who is playing the role of a mistress in her new music video and she is getting really wild in this role. She lets the guy grab her from behind, touch her sensually and eventually she lets him make out with his wife in the next room. The scene in the kitchen is going to be put on rewind a hundred times by those who fantasize Lorde as mistress. The New Zealander has really nailed this role and there is every chance that audience will love every bit of it. This is the new side of this talented singer that fans are going to love and cheer.

The official music video for Lorde and Disclosure single “Magnets” premiered on VEVO on Sep 29. The track “Magnets” is picked from duo’s latest album “Caracal”, which released last week. The album is now available in stores worldwide.

As the music video progress, Lorde shows her real intentions. She doesn’t want to be the other women forever as she soon demands her boyfriend to tell her wife about the affair. She also threatens him in case he fails to tell his wife. However, he seems to be in no mood to reveal anything to his wife whom he is cheating. However, it turns out that Lorde was serious about threats as the man has to pay with his life in the end. Watch the video and enjoy Lorde at her best.

Watch Music Video “Magnets” by Disclosure & Lorde

Post Author: David Watt