Music Video: “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has released music video for her song “Bad Blood” which is from her fourth studio album “1989”. The music video for this track was scheduled to be released well ahead of time as Taylor had announced it in the beginning of 2015. The music video was premiered on ABC before 2015 Billboard Music Awards.

Max Martin and Shellback produced this video. The track is anthemic but it has elements of darkness to it. The track is about the darkness of the music industry and points particularly to the event when Katy Perry tried to sabotage Taylor Swift’s world tour. Couple of years back, Katy apparently hired some people who went on to create numerous problems for Taylor Swift. As we already know, Taylor Swift doesn’t tackle problems by talking to people who are responsible for troubling her but instead she tackles these problems by creating songs about them. That’s what she has done with Katy Perry. She wrote the song “Bad Blood” and today she has premiered music video for it.

So far it looks as creating songs about the problem is Taylor Swift’s secret sauce to making great tracks. It seems like every song she writes this way becomes radio hit. She definitely has a thing going in her mind that makes her super-creative when trying to tackle her problems through songs.

The music video for “Bad Blood” is directed by Joseph Khan. This high budget video gets a true cinematic treatment and features big stars including Selena Gomez, Kendrick Lamar, Cindy Crawford and Hayley Williams.

Watch Music Video “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift

Post Author: David Watt