MNEK and Hailee Steinfeld Collaboration “Colour”

MNEK has teamed up with Hailee Steinfeld for a his new single “Colour”. We know that MNEK has already worked with some of the biggest names in the pop industry including Madonna and Beyonce. For his latest single, the rapper choose to collaborate with Hailee Steinfeld, yet another pop queen.

I’m sure everyone will enjoy Hailee Steinfeld’s vocals in this track. I’m sure MNEK is working on a searing production to take advantage of Hailee’s strong vocals. Could it be the best collaboration of the month?

The track “Colour” will be premiered on June 1, as announced by the singers through social media. They made a video about their new collaboration and then shared it with their fans. I’m sure this will be a hit considering the fact that MNEK has always served hits.

The 23-year old singer has already announced his next project. It will be a song-writing effort for Christina Aguilera’s upcoming track from the album “Liberation”. We hope that MNEK will not only give the new single on June 1 but we might get a music video as well. Keep your fingers crossed. It’s only a day now.



Post Author: David Watt