find you again Mark Ronson & Camilla Cabello

Mark Ronson & Camilla Cabello Create a stinger in “Find You Again”

Mark Ronson has released the 4th single for his upcoming LP Late Night Feelings, featuring the Beautiful and highly talented Camila Cabello.

The song is all about the regret of knowing that YOU let THE ONE slip away and now you come to realize what he meant to you, as the Cuban beauty sings “I’ll try to pass the night away with somebody new, But they don’t have a shot when I compare them to you, It’s too late, Too late!”.

The song is co-written by the duo along with Tame Impala mastermind Kevin Parker and Isley Juber. Mark said in an interview “I was driving the car, and was thinking about a voice that cuts through like a Lazer. A song came up on the radio, ‘Havana’, ‘Consequences’ I don’t remember. Some think came on and I was like ‘This is the voice’, so I called Camila and explained the whole concept to her and she loved it”.

Mark upcoming 5th LP is expected to come out on June 21st. Have a listen below.

Listen to “Find You Again” by Mark Ronson & Camilla Cabello

Post Author: David Watt