Luke Bryan Releases Title Track of Album ‘What Makes You Country’

Luke Bryan releases the tile track ‘ What Makes You Country’ of his fore coming album. “The title of it is ‘What Makes You Country,’ and … we’re just having fun with that title,” Bryan said, talking to ABC News for his new album. “We’re going around and we’re asking the biggest stars in the world, we’re asking fans, what makes you country?

“I think with so many labels out there, everybody gets real … defensive about well, are you real country?” The new judge of American Idol and country star Bryan said. “This song kind of talks about [how] it doesn’t matter where you’re from. You know, if you like to go horseback riding once a year, well that makes you country.”

Lyrics Speaks The Idea Behind ‘What Makes You Country’

‘ What Makes You Country’ was performed at pre-show VIP get-together by Bryan along with two acoustic numbers as well. The lyrics of the song pretty much sums all of the idea behind the song.

“People talkin’ ’bout what is and what ain’t country. What gives ’em a right to wear a pair of beat-up boots? Is it the size of your tires and your fires, or your wild ass buddies? Well, give me a minute, let me hit you with some hometown truth”

The album is to release on December 8.

Post Author: David Watt