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Listen To “My Blood” by Twenty One Pilots + Review

Twenty One Pilots premiered a new single titled “My Blood”. This new track will become a part of band’s upcoming studio album. It’s their fifth album, titled “Trench”. If you like the new single “My Blood”, I’m sure you’d want the album as well. It will hit the stores on 5th October.

Although the fans are excited to have this new single from Twenty One Pilots, it does seem somewhat rushed release. Why? Simply because the track wasn’t scheduled for a release today. It’s probably due to the leak that came out earlier, forcing the band to release the track before the preplanned release date.

The band Twenty One Pilots made the track available on all streaming platforms, including YouTube where you can listen to “My Blood” audio. It’s a blessing that we can enjoy new music without having to buy a song. We totally feel YouTube along with other streaming services is the best thing that happened to music in the last few decades or so.

It’s a powerful song that will take you on an emotional trip. Give it a listen below and I’m sure you will be planning to get Twenty One Pilot’s album as soon as it comes out.

Listen to “My Blood” by Twenty One Pilots

Post Author: David Watt