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Listen to Kylie Minogue’s New Single “Dancing” + See the Album Cover

Kylie Minogue is making headlines these days for all the good reasons. She dropped her new single titled “Dancing” and then gave us the cover art for her upcoming album “Golden”. What else could ask for from her in a day? That was a BIG day for everyone – for her fans and for the singer herself.

It’s going to be her 14th LP. With “Dancing” (the new single), she has started this new era.

She also unveiled the artwork for the album on the same day as the new single. This art cover speaks volumes about singer’s artistic inspirations. It’s a highly stylized cover that has the drama and the subtleness at the same time. It’s a wistful piece of art that shows us a new approach towards art. In the cover, you will see the 40-year-old singer posing on a sofa elegantly. She is wearing minimal makeup to serve realness. Next to her, you will see a guitar.

“Dancing” is produced by Sky Adams. This new single isn’t about partying and having fun but it’s about a lot more than that. It’s about finding someone so that you are not alone in your life. But as you grow old, things change. You find yourself alone, with no one there to share your emotions. Since others won’t truly understand you, even having people around would feel like being lonely. That’s what Kylie is singing about in this new single.

It’s a great song with powerful lyrics. Since the song is talking about a topic that a lot of us can relate to, the lyrics were a key here. Without these powerful lyrics, it would’ve been difficult to relate to the song. Kylie has also done a great job giving her voice to these impressive lyrics. In the end, the song puts a smile on your face while making you think deeply about some hard realities of our life. Give it a listen below.

Listen to “Dancing” by Kylie Minogue 

Post Author: David Watt