Listen to FIFA World Cup Official Anthem “Live It Up” by Will Smith, Nicky Jam, Era Istrefi, and Diplo

“Live It Up” is the new star-studded single that rolled out just recently on May 25th. The new single is the official soundtrack for the upcoming FIFA World Cup that will be held in Russia this year. Considering the kind of stars we will have at the display during the world cup, this track definitely deserved a long line up of star – exactly what it offers.

The searing anthem “Live It Up” will definitely live up to the expectations of the fans who gather every four years to see the world’s best football/soccer teams compete for the glory. The prize for the tournament is the biggest of all. The winner is crowned as the World Champion and receives an illustrious and glittering trophy. Recently, we have had some of the biggest artists contribute to the anthem for the tournament. The lineup includes Pitbull, Shakira, Jennifer Lopes, and Freshlyground. This year the lineup is also star-studded and the anthem sounds like a BIG hit already. I’m sure with the build up to the games coming closer, the anthem will contribute a lot to raise the spirit across the fans of the game.

The track “Live It Up” is produced by Diplo. It’s not his first ‘international’ song but it’s definitely the biggest of all the projects he has done so far. It brings together so many stars and tries to generate a vibe that can connect people from all over the world. That’s what this song is about. It’s about celebrating being together and competing for the biggest prize. It’s a delicate balance that such anthems have to achieve between ‘uplifting moral’ and ‘brotherhood’ while keeping the environment highly competitive. This anthem doesn’t disappoint.

It’s a production that will raise your moral and you’d want to dance. I’m sure we will soon be blessed with a music video for the track. Listen to “Live It Up” below.


Listen to “Live It Up” by Will Smith, Nicky Jam, Era Istrefi, and Diplo

Post Author: David Watt