Leona Lewis signs a new label deal with Def Jam Records

Leona Lewis has had a tough time scoring some big hits. Now she has signed a deal with a new label, Def Jam Records, which is a good sign for the British songbird. Def Jam Records has a history of helping artists by letting them what they really want to do. There is every chance that Leona will now have the chance to make a huge impact, especially with the news that Def Jam Records has already undertaken her fifth LP titled “I Am”.

Leona Lewis talked on Instagram about her new label deal and unveiled cover of her fifth LP “I Am”. The cover shows Leona wearing fabric that looks like butterfly wings. On the cover of the album, she is spreading her wings just like a butterfly. This cover clearly indicates that Leona Lewis is on her way to creative re-birth. She will probably be putting everything on line this time around to make it really big. She badly needs a few hits under her belt. This cover sends out the right message that she is ready to re-invent her music career by giving everything she’s got this time – or at least that’s the artistic interpretation of showcasing yourself as a butterfly.

Leona Lewis left Sony, her previous label, claiming that the company was pushing her to do something different – something that wasn’t ‘her’ for fifth LP. That’s something Leona isn’t going to do. She wants to be herself and that’s how she wants to present herself to her fans. The only way out for her was getting a deal with another label. Since she is following her heart now, we believe she will be giving us a lot of good music in her upcoming LP. For now, she wants her fans to listen to her new anthem “Fire (Under My Feet). You can listen to the preview below.

Listen to “Fire (Under My Feet)” – Preview

Post Author: David Watt