Lauren Jauregui Black Lashes Dove For Its Apology Over Racist Ad

If you have seen the Dove’s recent ad that has troubled people all around the border, you might understand the uproar our celebrities are making. The ad is accused to be racist as it shows a dark-skinned woman taking her shirt off to disclose a light-skinned woman. She, then, removes her own top to put a different woman of color on display. A lot of people are getting disgusted on this ad as they think it depicts the old narrative that portrayed black women as dirty and white as clean.

Hence, the black lash Dove received is pretty much understandable. A lot of celebrities jumped into matter and used their social media to protest against the ad with Lauren Jauregui being on top. Owing to the grave pressure, Dove apologized for the inappropriate content used in the ad and justified it as “Dove body wash is for every woman and be a celebration of diversity.”

However Lauren seems to not accept the apology. The Fifth Harmony singer, who is known for her work against racism and women’s rights, tweeted in response as:

“I wanna know what it was SUPPOSED to do for women of color though. It was purely racist. There’s no debate and this is a pathetic apology”

Let’s all hope this ends well now since Dove has cleared its intentions.

Watch The Reaction Of People On Dove’s Racist Ad

Post Author: David Watt