Lady Gaga Music Video For, “Look What I Have Found”. Watch Now:

The Americn Singer and Songwriter, “Lady Gaga” contributed in the movie, “A Star is Born” by releasing it’s soundtrack. She has now released new music video for one of the song from her recently released soundtrack.

Lady Gaga contributed with 14 tracks including 5 collaborations with Bradley Cooper. Needless to say that the contribution with this soundtrack is a blessing for the movie and these 14 tracks are stunning. But She has released new music video for the song ,”Look What I Have Found”.

The music video possesses some of the scenes from, “A Star Is Born” where Lady Gaga performs the song and also some other moments from the movie.

Well, the music video is bit romatic themed and you will see, “Ally Merch” and “Jackson Maine” having a great time together.

If you have not watched the movie yet, Get ready to see the American Singer in her “Ally Merch” Character. The music video is here.

Watch Lady Gaga’s New Music Video For, “Look What I Have Found”:

Post Author: David Watt