Justin Bieber Performs Two Songs And Receives Guinness World Record At “The Today Show”

For Justin Bieber, things can’t probably get better than this. He is the superstar and he is receiving recognition for his work. On top of that, he is in middle of making a comeback and it has already been a super hit comeback – something we’ve rarely seen, especially after all the problems with media and the cops. This is clearly an indication that fans love JB and he is going to make great music no matter what.

He performed his two singles on “The Today Show” on September 10 in New York City. This mini concert was just outside the studios at Rockefeller Plaza where JB showed his excitement with mesmerizing performances. He definitely knew already that he was going to be honored with Guinness World Record for being the youngest singer to debut #1 on Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

JB performed “What Do You Mean” and “Where Are You Now”. Both singles are hits and audience definitely admired JB’s choice of songs for the show. However, audience had to live with heavy rain. JB also stayed despite the rain because he wanted to give something to his fans who had made it to his mini-concert.


Post Author: David Watt