Janalynn Castelino

Janalynn Castelino Shares “Jesu Salvator Mundi” Chant during Lent

Janalynn Castelino has released the polyphonic Latin chant “Jesu Salvator Mundi” during the Lenten season. Creating an atmosphere that focuses on spirituality, Janalynn has recorded the chant in 3 voices – Soprano in the lead along with Bass and Alto.

Rendered in a style that traces to the Classical Baroque period and performed acapella, it facilitates eternal reflections and devotion throughout Lent. 

Classical Baroque Acapella

The audio is available to stream and download across all digital stores. It is accompanied by a visual element shared to YouTube. The foundation of vocal layers recorded by the multilingual singer is hypnotic for meditation and peace. Follow this link and listen to the audio now: https://li.sten.to/jesusalvatormundi

“Jesu Salvator Mundi” is a Latin Chant from the Roman Missal that’s performed unaccompanied. Composed during the mid 17th century, it takes one through the spiritual journey of Lenten reflections.

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Post Author: Harvey Dyer