Jamila Woods Music Video, “Giovanni”. Watch Now:

Jamila Woods has premiered Official Music Video for her song, “Giovanni”.  This is her first release in two years after the release of her first solo album, “Heaven”.

Jamila made this song after getting inspiration from Nikki Giovanni’s poem “Ego Tripping”. Does the song take you back in 1970’s? haha! I don’t think so.

It is a pretty good song. Jamila has given a message to show her power to the people. The Chorus contains, “Eenie meenie, now you get the message, Eenie meenie miney pick an app description. I’m impressive, you can check my track for reference. Moon and sun, guess reverend blessed it, Come on listen to a quick confession. Water is to oil me to your aggression. I’m protected”.

The surprise is that she herself has co-directed the music video with “Martell”. The video features her family as it shows pictures of them in a moment. The rest of the video is about about the Chicago based singer, “Jamila Woods”. And plus it contains some interviews of different women that how they get to feel strong in their daily life.

Watch The Music Video to Jamila Woods, “Giovanni”:

Jamila talked to the media and here’s what she said of the song, “‘Giovanni’ is a song about owning & celebrating all the parts of myself. It’s about legacy and lineage, and how the love & strength of the people who made me makes me feel invincible.”

Post Author: David Watt