Jamie Lin Wilson Delivers a New Song, “Death & Life”. Stream:

The Texas Singer, “Jamie Lin Wilson” has released a new song titled, “Death & Life”. The new song is a part of her forthcoming sophomore album, “Jumoing Over Rocks” and accompanies the already released three singles, “The Being Gone”, “Oklahoma Stars” and “Run”.

“Jumping Over Rocks” will be available on digital platforms from 26th of October, 2018. The album is a project consisting on 10 songs and it features Jack Ingram. This is Jamie’s first album release in last three years. The Album is available to pre-order, Here you go with the link.

“Death and life” is an emotional song and will rip your heart but it is not a sad song. yes, it’s a quite personal song and tells a big tale. The song contains a story of the time when her husband’s father died and her husband was charged when he made a casket for his father and about her son who born on the father’s birthday, really heart touching. The song has got a lot in it.

Stream Jamie Lin Wilson’s New Song, “Death & Life” :

Wilson Talked to the media about the song and said, “It’s so heavy. It made my mom cry. She told me, ‘I don’t know how you expect people to like such sad songs. But it’s not sad. It’s saying,  Aren’t we lucky to be able to see that, to know that everything comes back around and keeps going — life after death in the real world.”

Post Author: David Watt