Iggy Azalea Cancelled “Switch” Music Video

Iggy Azalea has finally made it public that she won’t be releasing a music video for “Switch”. Anyone who was waiting for the video could now move on.

I think it was obvious now with all that has been going around Iggy and her new single that’s expected in July. Now she has made it official that “Switch” is dead so everyone can look forward to the next single. That’s the lifecycle of “Switch” – a month and a half. Does this mean that Iggy

Does this mean that Iggy has officially accepted now that “Switch” is a flop? I think so. I think it’s a nice way to admit. She didn’t say it directly but her comments in a famous Brazillian blog leave no doubts that she’s on her way forward.

She admitted that she had prepared proper promotion for this song but the leak killed it. Here is exactly what she said.

“Yes, it was something we talked about, but the cost was very high, many people needed to be involved and in the end it was difficult to make it happen. Unfortunately we had prepared everything to promote it and the leak happened.”

“Switch” did turn out to be a flop but it could’ve been much better if there wasn’t the leak. It was clearly her most exciting single in a long time really and seeing it go down like that hurts.

Now all we can do is wait for her single and see what she does with it. Maybe she’ll decide to stay in her comfort zone and hope for some success with the July single or maybe she’ll try something new. Only time will tell.

Post Author: David Watt