Hannah Peel – ‘Fabricstate’ (EP)

Track number one on her EP, ‘Silk Road’, is as silky as the title, a slow, meandering number but one that pulls you in with its simple, evocative nature boosted by a mesmerising harp sound. It’s difficult to put my finger on what makes the track but the gentle well-constructed production is definitely one of them. {rating}

‘Desolation Row’ is another loveable, atmospheric number that balances Peel’s very listenable vocal style with a subdued, but enjoyable eye for production.

‘Chloe’, though possibly the most well known song here due to its appearance on a television show, is my least favourite but keeps the vibe going and the ticking-sound that perpetuates the piece adds a certain tension there.

Download the EP:

Post Author: Philip Lickley