Fergie Releases the Cover Art for “Double Dutchess”

Fergie has finally released the cover of her much-anticipated album “Double Dutchess”. The cover art surfaced online last night and fans have said good things about it. It’s a black and white cover and shows the pictures of Fergie that we have already seen. So, the only new thing you are going to see in this cover is the way Fergie has put the album name and it looks good. It looks cool and makes us become even more impatient for her second album.

The album Double Dutchess will be released in January 2017. Fergie confirmed the album release date in an interview earlier this week. However, her label Interscope didn’t confirm any date for the album release.

Let’s hope that the album comes out in January. It’s already been delayed and fans have become somewhat impatient. If the album doesn’t come out in January, then it would be difficult for Fergie to hold on to her latest lead single. She might have to come up with a new lead single if the album goes beyond January.

Post Author: David Watt