Elyar Fox A Billion Girls

Single Review: Elyar Fox – ‘A Billion Girls’

After the impressively catchy ‘Do It All Over Again’ Fox has slipped a little too much into clichéd territory with this generic ode to love and girls. With some unsubtle autotune under his vocals, ‘A Billion Girls’ lacks the expected punch from this promising young artist and comes across too much like a Junior Senior b-side with the added cheeky steal from Prince or Tom Jones’ ‘Kiss’.

I’m sure some of the billion girls listening to this will fall in love with his sentimental spiel but aside from the globe-trotting chorus, the fun drum beat and the kazoo-style opening it’s a little lacking in any radio-friendly oomph.

Not bad, but a disappointing tired follow-up to his powerful debut.
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Post Author: Philip Lickley