Download Chris Brown’s New Mixtape “Before The Party”

Chris Brown has released the much talked about mixtape “Before The Party”. The mixtape contains 34 songsĀ and you can download it in full after the review.

The mixtape has come out at the right time as it will set the tone for Chris’ upcoming studio album “Royalty”. The album is set to release on December 18. With 34 songs to listen from the mixtape, fans will be all warmed up by the time “Royalty” comes out in stores.

Although Chris Brown has an good marketing strategy apparently, I don’t think it’s going to make a lot of difference as far as album sales are concerned. There are chances that one of the tracks from this mixtape becomes a smash hit and gets picked up by radios. In that case, “Royalty” will be overshadowed and it may just flop in sales despite having the potential to sell more.

This mixtape features 34 songs which is a lot more than what we see in casual mixtapes. It comes with a lot of previous unfinished songs and demos that has been completed now. Similarly, there are remixed versions of previous tracks. You will also find a few unheard songs in there. Out of such a mix, something could just prove to be good for radios. Download the album below.



Post Author: David Watt