Demi Lovato is getting married in “Tell Me You Love Me” Music Video – Listen to Full Audio

A lot of fans took notice when Demi Lovato posted a picture showing her in a bridal get-up. It’s been heating up the internet as a lot of people are assuming that she is planning a wedding. So, is Demi going to end this year with a wedding?

Yes, she seems to have similar plans.

But this wedding is going to happen in a music video. You will see Demi getting married in the official video for “Tell Me You Love Me”, which is the second single from her LP with the same name.

What Demi did here seems to be working great for her. A lot of people took notice when they saw the picture. Now they are forced to listen to “Tell Me You Love Me”. That’s good for Demi and it’s good for fans as the song isn’t bad either.

When she posted the picture showing her in bridal costume, she gave no explanation. The only thing that accompanied the post was an emoji. That emoji was a clear indication that it’s just an act. Still, a lot of fans thought it’s actually going to happen this year.

Demi’s “Tell Me You Love Me” is already getting some momentum as its getting solid airtime on pop radio. I think its the right time now that Demi gives us the music video. It would get enough views before the Christmas-specific visuals start getting all the attention. If she does an MV where she gets married, I think she could have a massive hit at her hands. Think of the past viral videos that went viral only because it had a celebrity getting married. I think it’s time you listen to this song and decide whether Demi should do a wedding visual for this track.

Listen to “Tell Me You Love Me” by Demi Lovato

Post Author: David Watt