Darius – ‘Romance’ (EP)

Sadly not Darius of Pop Idol fame, this is a different, more French, Darius out with his EP of smooth electronic laid back numbers. Lead single ‘Espoir’ is samey, repetitive and lacking the oomph needed to really lend appeal to a minimalistic synthy composition, though it does echo the calmer more subdued numbers from fellow countrymen Daft Punk’s earlier catalogue. ‘Espoir’ doesn’t do enough to really grab me though its atmosphere and smoothness are definite positives. {rating}

The bassy ‘Hot Hands’ is better with the silky vocals of the lead singer adding more depth to his sound but, again, there is not a huge amount of variety present and you have experienced all the hot hands have to offer (giggidy?) within the first minute or so.

‘Omeo’ returns back to the repetitive hooks of the first track but takes it to the extreme, as does ‘S/ash’ which, like the rest of the track, creates a listenable, relaxing atmosphere but doesn’t do anything earth-shattering.

The EP concludes with ‘Vanyll’ which continues the vibe though it’s the most Daft Punk of them all. If you like your music subdued, electronic and atmospheric then you’ll be at home here, but there’s nothing that sets it apart from anything that has come before.

Download the EP:

Post Author: Philip Lickley