Cheryl Cole Crazy Stupid Love

Single review: Cheryl Cole feat. Tinie Tempah – ‘Crazy Stupid Love’

Cheryl Cole, or whatever her name is now, returns with this clap-along pop number that shamelessly steals the rhythm of ‘Single Ladies’ and slaps a less distinctive number on top of it.

The rhythm is great and designed for the pop-dance crossover, but it’s only until the bridge and chorus comes in that the song shows any decent identity, and that’s mostly down to when Cheryl shuts up and the synthesized trumpets come in.

Naturally with a solo release, you have to have a rapper, and in this case it’s Tinie Tempah finding himself definitely out of his usual genre in an awkward sounding rap that sounds like it was cut up badly in the studio. He works well with the fast-paced clap-clap-trumpet riff, but it’s his poorest guest appearance yet.

‘Crazy Stupid Love’ is poppy, radio-friendly and summery, but it’s a messy, poorer lead single than we’d expect.


Post Author: Philip Lickley