Charli XCX

Charli XCX Will Be Experimenting With Japanese Pop In Her Third Studio Album

Charli XCX is still to release her sophomore album which will be hitting stores on 15 December and she is already thinking of her third studio album. According to an interview with Charli, her third studio album will be heavily inspired by Japanese pop music. She also indicated that her album will be sort of weird and it may just sound like ‘music from another planet’. She is quite excited about her new inspiration so we will keep our fingers crossed to listen to what has picked up from Japan during her last tour.

Charli has spent quite a time in Japan for shooting her music video. It is quite obvious that her new album will have direct inspirations from Japanese music. But Charli should focus on her album that will be released on 15 December. She should be marketing her album vigorously if she wants to stay atop among the other diva artists.

Charli has never been afraid to try out new things, be it a video shot in Japan or her weird music we heard early on from her. She is a brave singer with powerful gifted vocals. We hope she will inspire America with tones from Japan with her third album but it kind of sounds too early for that to even dream.

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz