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Camila Cabello is dating Mathew Hussy – PROOF Included

Is Camila Cabello dating?

Camila Cabello is finally dating a boy and he is like 10 years older than the Havana-hitmaker.

And if you have already seen Camila’s pictures kissing and getting hotter than “Havana” with someone, it’s not a photoshop fake. Wondering who is the guy Camila is dating? He is Mathew Hussey.

Mathew Hussey is a British TV personality. He is also a dating coach and a New York Times Bestselling author. On NBC’s Ready for Love show, Hussey was the guy who was doing all that matchmaking.

The pictures that leaked showed Camila and Hussey on a beach in Mexico. Unless you are jealous of Hussey, I’m sure you are happy with this news. Sure, Camila needed a boyfriend now that she has got everything else in life with a number one album and single. But did she need someone who is 10 years older than her? The pictures are below if you haven’t checked them out on the social media yet.

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