Camila Cabello Explains Why She Left Fifth Harmony

When everyone thought that Camila Cabello left Fifth Harmony only because of her issues with the other girls, she comes up with a reason that sounds more like the ‘real’ one. She told her fans during an interview that she actually wanted to explore her musical talent through her own artistic window.

The exact words that she told the interviewer were:

“I felt like it was time to explore my own artistic version”

Although Camila is reportedly avoiding any questions about Fifth Harmony, she didn’t hesitate to answer the question when an interviewer asked her about why she left the band during her promotional trip to London to help Machine Gun Kelly promote the latest single “Bad Things”. She is on a two-day promotional trip and I’m sure other reporters are also going to bring up questions related to Fifth Harmony although her promoters have clearly told the media to let the news die in the past and move forward with Camila who is exploring new territories today.

Let’s hope that she can stay away from these questions in the future. It’s been over and now she is already moving ahead. Just look at her work in “Bad Things”. It’s definitely a new era for her and that’s what she wants her fans to consider.


Post Author: David Watt