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Single review: Calvin Harris – ‘Summer’

Here is a different song for me to cast my opinion on.

On one hand this first cut from his fourth album is finally more different than what we’ve heard from Harris on his last few albums, after he decided the sound of his debut album was too multi-layered so should churn out the same dance number again and again.

On the other hand, though, the chorus is just as you’d expect before you even press play on the song and falls on the similarity he’s been resting on for the past couple of years. The accent he puts on, the use of some more electronic instruments than a piano at times, and the appropriate summer vibes make this stand out, and it ticks all the boxes of a club hit, but Harris has still failed to capture the magic that made his first album so great.

Better than his more recent work, but still lacking that pow.

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Post Author: Philip Lickley