Bring me the horizon

Bring Me The Horizon Excite The Stage With The Performance Of Their Single, “Mantra”

The English Rock Band from Sheffield, York Shire, “Bring Me The Horizon” has just released a single song, “Mantra”. The song has already been loved by the fans. Everyone was expecting a stage performance and here it comes.

The rock band received many greetings from the fans when they performed their new single, “Mantra” for the first time on stage at the “Reading Festival”.

The stage at the “Reading Festival” was set good to perform with signs and leaflets reading, “Mantra is here”.

At 2:15pm sharp, The band took over the stage under the canvas of BBC Radio 1 tent, and the same moment they started rocking the stage.

Isn’t it admirable? Just by the time they started to perform their new single, “Mantra” the fans surprised the band by singing back every line of the song to the band.  The song has just released on 22 of August and the concert was held on 24th. Which shows everyone loved their new single, “Mantra” and how frequently they have been listening to it.

The English Rock Band stayed at the stage for 40 minutes and performed some of their hits. They just loved the response of the audience.

The debut performance of Bring Me the Hoizon’s  new single, “Mantra” is here:


Post Author: David Watt