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Single Review: Bright Light Bright Light and Elton John – ‘I Wish We Were Leaving ‘

It’s always a good investment getting Elton John on a record as his mature vocals always add a sense of gravitas, but his work on this is rather limited and fleeting compared to the vocals of the main artists.

Lyrically bittersweet and touching, it has shades of the Christina Aguilera collaboration with A Great Big World, though it doesn’t quite have the emotive impact of that as the repetitive electronic drum track and hints of autotune damage the simplicity of the strings here and the poetry of the words. But, some questionable production decisions aside, ‘I Wish We Were Leaving’ is a well put together song with some passages that are likely to resonate and a Gary Barlow-sound that should win you over.
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Post Author: Philip Lickley