Boyz Club – ‘Whatchu Do’

“Welcome to the Boyz Club, please pick up your membership card. As part of this club we’ll style you, write a song for you and provide you with our latest Autotune machine, but I must warn you that it’s seen better days. We also have an RnB producer who has hit hard times who’ll come on board and make the record.” I believe that’s the introduction these four lads will have got. It’s as you’d expect from a One Direction / *NSync / The Wanted clone coming across as Justin Bieber and his three cloned brothers.

‘Whatchu Do’ is relatively catchy and certainly hits the target audience but the autotune is exceptionally off-putting and unless you find yourself humming the chorus later you won’t be coming back to this. Tweenagers will love it, me not so much. But it’s poppy enough for the moment. (5/10)

Download it:

Post Author: Philip Lickley