Beyonce Performs her Single “All Night” – Watch NOW

You guessed it right. Beyonce premiered her single “All Night” on her holiday party!

Holiday parties are meant to be fun. That’s how they should always be. But what if it’s Beyonce who is throwing a party? You definitely expect some fun new music from her. You can’t have a bigger Beyonce party than that.

She did exactly that at her holiday party at Parkwood Entertainment in New York City where she performed her new single. That’s what you call a holiday party.

I know you wish to be there. That’s only natural. But since that’s not a possibility now, you can still watch Beyonce performing “All Night” – the new single. Some clever fan shot a video and put it online for all of us to become a part of this exclusive party premier or her new single. The video is right below after the review and you just gotta hit the big PLAY button to attend this crazy Beyonce party!

Beyonce is already hot this year with most nominations for the Grammys this year. With this party and the new single, people are already talking about her. She paid the money, not just for the party, but also for the people to listen to her new song, the way she wanted. Probably, she knew premiering a new single this way would work. Believe me, it is already ‘working’.

Beyonce was wonderful at the party. She was in her elements and made the performance truly her own. Watch her spreading the magic in the video below.

Watch Beyonce perform her new single “All Night”

Post Author: David Watt