Azealia Banks Quits Twitter

Azealia Banks has deactivated her official Twitter account after threatening to do so a few days ago. With so much hate coming from her, it looks like everyone in the social media and music scene is thanking her for finally giving up on the account.

The rapper has been making a lot of noise recently with her controversial and sometimes hateful comments on Rihanna’s music video “Work” and previously with her comments on Iggy’s talent. It all seemed fine as long as it remained about Iggy since a lot of other people think the same way but then Azealia didn’t stop there. She kept going on and crossed all the boundaries. She became so annoying that everyone started wishing she’d just disappear from Twitter.

A day before deleting her account, Azealia talked about doing so on social media. She told her fans that she wanted to be more ‘mysterious’ and therefore needed to ‘eject’ herself from the social media scene.

Although a lot of people were asking Azealia to stop spreading the hate, she probably shouldn’t have quit social media altogether. Social media has become a major tool for promoting new music. Maybe she thought about it and has something else up her sleeve, another revolutionary way to promote her music. Only time will tell whether Azealia had some sort of plan or she just lost in her hate-comments.

Post Author: David Watt