Artist post: Daforce dawg on the hunt for billboard charts

With the iTunes music powerhouse now being key to so many independent and record label backed artists; means that we are seeing the need for music lovers to be able to find their new artists through means of search engines. With artists such as Daforce & Curtis Dayne collaborating on singles creates a plethora of different versions of the single The One.

With low tones and rhymes coinciding with the chorus over the top leaves listeners wanting more versions of The One. As we look at the repertoires of both Daforce and Curtis Dayne we see that there is a broad selection of previous music that needs to be heard. Fortunately thanks to iTunes you can have a listen for yourself and even purchase the songs you want.

So if you would like to find out more about this single as well as other hits such as “Go Go Go” and “What u talking bout” and be able to build your music selection then simply click on the link provided in this article in order to be transferred.



Post Author: Daforce