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Ariana Grande Teases Her New Single “True Love”

Ariana Grande has had worst time of her career with her latest effort “Focus”. It was ranked among worst songs of 2015 by Time Magazine and some other respectable sources. Evidently, Ariana has been trying to wash off the effects of “Focus” ever since she released the track. Now she has previewed her new single to make another step towards that same goal. This new single is titled “True Love” and it is mid-tempo ballad. She teased the song through Snapchat yesterday. She also confirmed its release date stating that it will be out ‘soon’ and that it won’t be the only song that she would be releasing. She gave this news via Twitter. It looks as if the “Break Free” diva is determined to make full use of social media to erase “Focus”.

Ariana Grande’s fans have given a warm welcome to her story of “True Love” on Snapchat. The fans have been talking about it for last 24 hours. They have also developed a fan theory that this track will be a Christmas song actually. They believe Ariana is preparing to release this track on Friday to surprise her fans and to gift them something for the Christmas. Let’s see if Arianators are guessing it right. We can only know on Friday so let’s keep our fingers crossed till then.


Post Author: David Watt